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Strategy that achieves your vision

The challenge to close the gap between strategy and execution is increasing because the world we live in is becoming more and more competitive, chaotic, unpredictable, and challenging with each passing year. Internally, businesses are struggling to prioritize, allocate resources effectively, align their business units and build the capabilities required to deliver sustainable growth. Externally, we are navigating one of the most challenging business environments in nearly a century.

Having a strategy to combat that is easy. Executing on it is what’s hard. In fact, 70% of change management initiatives fail between the strategy and execution phases. Strategic alignment—gaining buy-in and enthusiasm at every level of the organization—is key to making change work. GP Strategies works with you to plan your mission, strategy and execution, and:

  • Provide strategic analysis spanning internal and external factors
  • Align your organization toward achieving your vision
  • Drive clarity and accountability throughout your company

Advance, McKinney Rogers’ strategy execution platform, is a central hub for organizations to align those strategic goals and performance to ensure real business delivery. Learn how you can leverage Advance to transform your strategy execution.

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Transform the way leadership thinks about strategy

Every organization must have an aspirational vision, or destination, which is time bound. Organizational strategy is created against this vision, and execution needs to be aligned, at every level, function and geography, throughout the organization. GP Strategies will help you challenge current strategies and create new ones aligned to a single, stated and aspiring vision. Then we will clarify it throughout the organization, with each individual fully understanding their part in the plan, their operating boundaries, and what the priorities are to achieve their mission. Transparency, accountability, confidence and commitment are all desired outcomes.

Partner to execute your strategy

Pressure test your strategy

We don’t just implement a plan, we pressure test it. The goal is to objectively test assumptions, face risks, encounter unknowns and pressure test the execution of the plan. We believe every mission should be rehearsed and checked before executing. By going through this process, we can create a better-aligned plan with increased chances for success, identified contingencies and confidence within the team.

Of course, having the right culture in place is critical. In a high-performance culture, that means cultivating the ability to run at the pace of the fastest person, with excellent behaviors and operating standards. High performing teams unlock competitive advantage, create a streamlined way of working and are always looking to improve on yesterday’s performance. This is not team building, however. It is about cultivating the behaviors and mindsets needed to become high performing individuals and teams—the behaviors needed to achieve extraordinary results.

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