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In today’s world, changing the way you learn requires channeling new technologies and emerging strategies to re-imagine learning at work. Our innovation consultants partner with you to create and implement a sustainable, evidence-based innovation program that improves results by infusing learning with leading-edge strategies and innovative learning technologies.

Innovation is a process of discovery, development and creation. Our innovation strategy consulting team will lead through this process and help you focus learning innovation and strategy on present and future business needs so your organization can solve complex problems in new and faster ways.

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Accelerate learning with our Innovation Kitchen

When markets can (and do) change overnight, learning needs to keep up with them. We help you accelerate learning by using the latest in learning theory and cutting-edge technologies to engage learners in new and more effective ways.

At its core, innovation involves moving from the art of the possible to the business of the viable – a process that takes place daily in the GP Strategies Innovation Kitchen. Using a 5-step process supported by an abundance of resources, our innovation consultants help develop sustainable approaches to identify, evaluate, and incorporate new and emerging learning technologies, methodologies, and practices to help you:

  • Cultivate innovative learning solutions
  • Shorten the time between idea and execution
  • Increase an idea’s potential while decreasing its risk
  • Reduce disruptions to day-to-day activities
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Learning performance & innovation

Envision a future learning program

At GP Strategies, we work with you to innovate, ideate and explore ways of making your vision of learning innovation and strategy a reality.

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

    AI has the potential to disrupt learning and development through analyzing unstructured information, processing massive volumes of data, and extending learning experiences through near-human bots. We explore four ways in which AI could revolutionize your organization’s learning and development.

  2. Chatbots

    Chatbots can extend the learning experience by providing a quick point of access for learners to get answers to questions while accessing relevant resources and support. They can also connect learners to experts and coaches in an interactive personalized learning journey.

  3. Augmented reality (AR)

    AR technology overlays interactive digital elements, including text, images, video, audio, 3D models and animations, into real-world environments to enhance learning. With the ability for learners to create their own content, it has unlimited potential for transforming learning.

  4. Virtual reality (VR)

    VR uses technology to create virtual worlds that enable learners to interact with them. Immersing people in what they’re learning significantly increases understanding, knowledge acquisition and retention while reducing the learning curve.

  5. Digital learning labs

    A digital learning lab is an interactive, virtual collaborative learning experience in which learners explore key concepts and tactics and their real-world applications. These provide the opportunities for learners to learn from each other, curate resources, create tools and aids, moderate discussion, share insights, and provide feedback. In addition to exploring content, they may include simulations and interactive learning games. These can be effective opportunities to collect and analyze data, draw conclusions and test those solutions.

  6. Digital cohort-driven learning experiences (CDLEs)

    These learning journeys are a semi-synchronous fusion of curated micro-learning assets and social-learning experiences. CDLEs might include a mix of moderation, collaboration, gamified elements, chatbots and expert and peer coaching; all components are designed to engage, retain and reinforce learner progress.

    We prepare you today for tomorrow’s learning technology. Contact us to start building your learning program of the future.

  7. Skills analytics

    Moving toward your future learning organization starts with assessing and understanding the skills and capabilities of your workforce. Our innovation consultants work with you to identify and address the skill gaps in your workforce, uncover hidden talent, and align talent to the tasks, projects, and teams that fit them.

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Explore innovative learning in practice

Bring our Innovation Exhibition to you and explore applications of new and innovative learning technologies, methodologies, and tools.

Innovation Kitchen | Innovation Exhibition & Exploratorium

Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Business Impact
Reach of prior large-scale events
More incremental sales, far outweighing the cost of the program

Reinventing Sales and Competitive Training at a Major Automotive Brand

GP Strategies developed a new training model for automotive sales reps, taking the training to the dealerships, lowering costs, and improving training effectiveness.
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Business Impact
Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning

Designing and Delivering a Workforce of the Future Program For a Global Financial Services Company

The company partnered with GP Strategies® to develop and implement a learning program enabling employees to apply emotional intelligence in their work and gain a deeper understanding of automation.
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Business Impact
Point increase in Learning’s Net Promotor Score

Creating Innovative Learning Strategies at a Major Automotive Brand

One major automotive brand sought to face economic challenges head on by delivering relevant, moment-of-need learning and performance experiences to support selling more vehicles, enhancing the service experience, and improving customer satisfaction.
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Comparison of the ride quality between the 3 trucks. Now I can honestly tell customers we are better!

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