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Learning Transformation

Transform your workforce with agile learning

When an industry undergoes fundamental change, learning teams can’t wait until the business transforms. They need to be ahead of the curve, readying the organization for change.

At GP Strategies, workforce transformation is our core capability. Using our deep understanding of how people learn and perform, we help organizations develop agile learning systems that empower employees to continuously adapt, evolve and respond to ongoing change with confidence and competency.

Our holistic learning transformation ecosystem prepares you for the future of learning – and the way people work – with a comprehensive process that draws from the latest research on organizational excellence, job relevance, leadership engagement, and learning culture. We partner with you to develop a culture of engaged employees that produces  higher job performance and expert customer journeys for enhanced business results. 

Your learning transformation partner

Learning transformation consulting

Our comprehensive learning transformation framework and learning process experts guide the development of strategies to deliver on key business metrics. We systematically address the key elements of an effective learning and development strategy, including:

  • Learning
  • Operations
  • Measurement and analytics
  • Innovation
  • Organizational effectiveness and development
  • Business and partner alignment
  • Talent management alignment
  • Organization
  • Technology
  • Leadership development
  • Governance

We look at your entire organization to assess the learning transformation that needs to occur, and then deploy an end-to-end process that gets you from strategy to execution.

Our Solutions

Align learning to your business goals

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Digital learning technologies

Our 11-part digital learning framework and process addresses the key elements for creating and implementing a comprehensive digital learning strategy that drives rapid learning and business metrics. Designed to meet you where you are in your organizational learning journey, our digital learning solutions help your business become more agile, innovative and customer-focused.

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Innovation and emerging learning strategies

Learning transformation starts with exploring ways of making your vision of learning strategy a reality. This includes adopting new and emerging learning technologies that will permanently reshape today’s learning landscape. By focusing on how learning will take place tomorrow, we help you integrate emerging learning technologies that will transform the learning experience for your organization.

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Managed learning services

Organizational learning on a global scale requires strong oversight and management to make efficient use of your learning resources. Our comprehensive managed learning services provide best-in-class solutions to structure and optimize your learning and development efforts through:

  • Learning technologies administration
  • Vendor management
  • Learning analytics, measurement and evaluation
  • Content design, development and delivery
  • Research services
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Organization and leadership development

We help your organizations prepare the leaders it needs for today and tomorrow. Drawing from our vast inventory of learning and change management tools and programs, our leadership development experts work with you to identify and resolve the leadership challenges that are preventing your organization from achieving optimal business results.

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Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Business Impact
Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning
ROI increase

Creating a Modern Aviation Technician Training Program for EASA Certification

When Adobe announced the discontinuation of Flash support by the end of 2020, Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT) recognized it was critical to address the change and took the opportunity to refresh and enhance its overall approach to technical training design, delivery, and implementation, as well as ensure an exceptional learner experience.
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Business Impact
Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning

Designing and Delivering a Workforce of the Future Program For a Global Financial Services Company

The company partnered with GP Strategies® to develop and implement a learning program enabling employees to apply emotional intelligence in their work and gain a deeper understanding of automation.
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Business Impact
point increase in Learning’s Net Promotor Score

Creating Innovative Learning Strategies at a Major Automotive Brand

One major automotive brand sought to face economic challenges head on by delivering relevant, moment-of-need learning and performance experiences to support selling more vehicles, enhancing the service experience, and improving customer satisfaction.
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Business Impact
Reduction in administrative workload
Passing rate among applicants

Implementing a Learner Experience Platform at a Major Automotive Brand

GP Strategies worked with the automotive brand to augment their existing District Manager in Training (DMIT) onboarding program through the implementation of a learning experience platform (LXP).
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GP Strategies helped improve the process for creating well-trained district managers.