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Vendor Management Services & Solutions

Vendor management: solutions reimagined

Sourcing and managing suppliers of content, materials, and instructor resources on a global scale can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive function. When performed in a decentralized and inefficient manner it can result in higher costs and longer timelines that handcuff your ability to deliver learning to the business.

We have a better way. We bring additional value to your vendor relationship management.

Vendor Management MOD

Vendor management services that power your goals

Our vendor management solutions provide the expertise and infrastructure to improve quality, lower cost, and ensure a predictable and consistent level of vendor service throughout the organization. We have robust processes for the management and procurements of vendors, both for the transition of existing “customer” learning vendors, as well as the sourcing and procurement of new vendors.

Our comprehensive approach to vendor management:

  • Ensures alignment with procurement and contracting requirements at the global level
  • Facilitates the sourcing of training delivery talent quickly and efficiently
  • Offers the flexibility to accommodate special local business needs
  • Helps structure and manage vendor spending
  • Guides you in developing win-win vendor partnerships

From sourcing and contract management through invoicing and payments, our industry-trained supplier management service consultants support you at every step of the way in developing reliable and effortless vendor relationships.

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Proven methods. Measurable results.

Our first-in-class vendor management services help your learning organization meet its global training delivery needs by:

  • Providing access to a large pool of vendors
  • Reducing your third-party L&D vendor spend
  • Effectively leveraging supplier offerings and global reach
  • Efficiently managing the overall process from initial request through service delivery
  • Utilizing technology to capture, manage, and report data
  • Continuously monitoring vendor quality and performance to ensure expectations are met

Transform your learning services vendor management with GP Strategies!

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