Virtual and Digital Leadership Development Solutions

Develop your leadership skills and support business continuity

As virtual interactions become a primary way of connecting with each other, getting work done, and achieving business continuity, it’s critical that leaders have the skills and knowledge to lead effectively.

GP Strategies has several solutions for you to grow as a leader and reinforce your confidence to lead in any situation—all available from your virtual work environment.

Digital Leadership Journey

Leadership Essentials

Leadership Essentials is a modern, digitally enabled leadership development experience over 8 weeks. Accessible through any device, any time, and anywhere, this innovative approach provides a scalable solution to learning and development for managers and leaders.

Learners develop essential leadership skills as they progress through the program and are supported by a leadership expert who acts as a trusted guide and coach. While each leader progresses at a time and pace that works for them, they are also connected with a community of learners who share and support one another.

Virtual Leadership Training

Open Enrollment

Whether you are a leader or an individual contributor, GP Strategies has several solutions for you to develop your skills and improve your overall performance, all available from your virtual work environment.

Everyday Coaching Conversations
Learners will get the opportunity to elevate their coaching skills and understand a new approach to incorporating coaching into their leadership style.

Thursday, October 21 | 1:00pm – 4:00pm ET
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Unconscious Bias
Learners build critical self-awareness by uncovering potential bias blind spots and learn practical, easy-to-apply tools that contribute toward an inclusive culture.

Thursday, November 11 | 9:00am – 12:00pm ET
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Learners develop the ability to address microaggressions and micro inequities and learn how these experiences affect individuals personally and professionally.

Tuesday, November 16 | 1:00pm – 4:00pm ET
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Career Conversations
Learners will obtain insights and tools for understanding individual team members, providing perspective on each, and create a team strategy for talking about career development.

Thursday, December 2 | 9:00am – 11:30am ET
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Inclusion & Belonging
Learners will understand the value of an inclusive environment and cultivate it wherever they sit within the organization.

Wednesday, December 8 | 1:00pm – 4:00pm ET
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Leading People+ And Leading Technical People+

Leading People+ and Leading Technical People+ (customized for a technical workforce) equip frontline managers with the skills and strategies needed to engage and unleash the knowledge, expertise, independence, and performance of their direct reports. It begins with the Foundations of Leadership core module, and additional content modules can be run independently or in conjunction with each other to create a more sustained learning experience.

Core Module

Foundations of Leadership – Understand engagement, build trust, and employ critical skills to maximize leadership and communication effectiveness.
Course Duration: 4 hours

Content Modules

Setting Goals – Increase contribution by setting and supporting Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART) goals.

Delegating Responsibility – Increase contribution and satisfaction without micromanaging.

Giving Feedback – Leverage high performance and correct performance issues with clear, meaningful feedback.

Inspiring Innovation – Unleash creativity and organizational potential through everyday innovation.

Managing Change – Maintain engagement during times of change.

Influencing Others – Create buy-in and advance ideas by building strong relationships and influencing strategically.

Handling Resistance – Push initiatives forward and maintain relationships by handling resistance effectively.

Leading Teams – Set employees up for success by leveraging the fundamentals of high-performing teams.

Leading Virtually – Communicate effectively across a range of communication media to a diverse, global audience.

Course Duration: 2 hours per module

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Coaching has always been an important tool during uncertainty, providing leaders the space to explore difficult challenges in a confidential and supportive setting. This timely virtual session can equip leaders with the skills and strategies needed to navigate through tough times and create a culture in which productivity, innovation, and progress can still be achieved.

Course Duration: Varies based on need

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The Engagement Equation

The Engagement Equation teaches learners the fundamentals of engagement, conversation planning, and essential leadership actions to fuel engagement. Leaders will explore individual team members’ engagement drivers and coach team members to higher levels of engagement that can be sustained over time.

Course Duration: 5 hours (two 2.5 hour modules)

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Career Conversations

Career Conversations is focused on equipping managers with the skills and techniques needed to engage in productive career conversations with their employees. It provides managers strategies to explore what employees want and need from their managers to be successful and how managers can support their employees’ career development.

Course Duration: 2.5 hours

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Distinctive Leadership

Over the course of a three-stage experience, leaders will learn the skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed to have deep self-awareness, empathy, and communication to understand the needs of others, build and sustain high performing teams, and “lead big” by maintaining an enterprise mindset.

Course Duration: 12 hours (four 3-hour modules)

Working virtually doesn’t mean you can’t lead effectively, even in times of disruption. Face today’s challenges—and any new ones that come along—with confidence. Contact us to learn which virtual leadership programs can best support you and your organization today!