Design Thinking Process

Design thinking gives you the power to re-imagine learning. Whether designing training or business processes, design thinking is a methodology grounded in human-centered design to discover problems and deliver the solution in a way that speaks to the audience.

Design thinking is a 5-step methodology to understand the people, understand the problem, and take action. These practices are easily applicable, flexible, nonlinear, and iterative, drawing all focus on the end user. The 5 steps of design thinking encourage curious and empathetic understanding while aiming to identify and prioritize uncovered opportunities.

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EMPATHIZE is an important first step in knowing where your learners are coming from, understanding their learning preferences, and uncovering the real issue – skills, knowledge (or otherwise).


Taking the time to DEFINE the problem (backed by your research and observations) will allow you and your clients to get and stay on the same page. You can continue to point back to the problem and need you’ve defined as a point of reference.


This is where you generate ideas and a great opportunity for you and your design team to make sure your creative juices never stop flowing.


As a scaled down version of your initiative, prototyping is a great and inexpensive way to partner with stakeholders as you continue designing and developing. This should save time AND money as you address concerns early on, before the design is fully built out.


The data you receive from the test phase is quite valuable. It may confirm things you already suspect or bring to light things you haven’t considered but need to address. You should walk away from the Test phase with more insight.

Take the Pressure Off

Solving a problem with a design thinking approach takes the pressure off. This is not about getting it right before you can move forward. This is about taking action in order to learn. You’re constantly tweaking and sense-checking along the way, gaining insights you may otherwise wait too long to discover if you were to wait until things were “perfect.”

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Design Thinking Consulting and Implementation Services

With our deep expertise in learning and development, we bring the services to instill design thinking theory and concepts into your programs and your people. As a full-service partner with global experience, we can help take your through the design thinking process from theory through execution, taking your ideas to completion.

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