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GPiLEARN+ Course Catalog

GPiLEARN+™ is an online technical training program that provides a comprehensive solution to achieve your workforce performance goals.  This can be hosted on your LMS, LXP or on our ready to go LMS solution.

GPiLEARN+ courseware features a range of topics that cover areas of corporate compliance, worker safety, and technical expertise. With the training following industry recognized trends, our lessons capture more complex or advanced concepts and include iterative knowledge checks to reinforce learning. In addition, micro-learnings are available to provide quick bursts of general instruction on a variety of key subjects.

Below is a searchable listing of GPiLearn+ courses that will make a lasting impact on your Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrumentation & Controls Technicians, Operators, Engineers, and other skilled workers.

Please explore these courses and let us know how we can help!

Prefer a PDF? Click here to download this catalog.