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A Leadership Development Suite Offers Critical Opportunities

This global financial services company needed a leadership development program for all stages of leadership and to provide development opportunities that could be accessed in the flow of work, at the point of need, and anywhere in the world. ​

Challenge ​

Despite being a pioneer in the financial industry, the organization only had a “catch all” first-time leader development program. This meant that leaders would go years—sometimes decades—without any formal, dedicated leadership development. The old leadership development offering was delivered only in person, was not inclusive of global partners, and required a significant cost for travel to the company’s campus.​

These challenges meant that the company needed a leadership development program suite that covered all stages of leadership and to provide development opportunities that could be accessed in the flow of work, at the point of need, and anywhere in the world.​

Solution ​

The leadership development program suite GP Strategies developed provides a timely development opportunity for all leaders across the globe at key transition points. This human-centric development program is intended to be broad ranging and helps build the critical skills needed to be an effective leader. It also democratizes leadership development opportunities and meets leaders where they are (literally and figuratively), offering bite-sized learning with live components and plenty of social networking.​

The leadership development suite is robust and intentionally built to support a holistic leadership pipeline and address three significant stages in a leader’s career over three different programs:​

  • First time leaders​
  • Leaders of leaders​
  • Senior leadership​

The programs were developed using human-centered design principles and best-in-class adult learning technology to build a scalable offering. These programs now bring leaders from all over the globe together with a mix of bite-sized, self-paced learning, intentional collaboration sessions, 1:1 coaching, and networking with other company leaders.​

​Results ​

A survey for the entire program suite pilot was conducted, and 278 participants responded. The program suite averaged a net favorable score of 41, a satisfaction rating of 8.37 out of 10, and reported a 90% utilization rate.​

88% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the “Program increased my confidence in being a leader.” Likewise, 84% agreed or strongly agreed that the “Program accelerated my ability to meet expectations of me as a leader.”

Additionally, participants left glowing testimonials: ​

  • “I was completely overwhelmed with becoming a new leader of leaders (it was fast and sort of unexpected, at least to me). This program helped me understand where I should be leaning in, how I can best support the crew on my team, the crew they lead, the division we are in, and [the company] as a whole.”​
  • “I liked the flexibility and amount of time given to us to complete the weekly objectives, at our own pace and on our own schedule. This, to me, is much better than sitting in long hours of lecture or small group discussion.”​
  • “I am really pumped about this program and think it has helped me understand where to prioritize my own continued learning. It can be overwhelming without guardrails, and this program provides just that—guidance and ideas to get you thinking about where to prioritize.”​

Feedback and data were important to drive post-pilot changes and enhancements. Feedback was gathered throughout the pilots with weekly participant pulse surveys and 1:1 conversations that allowed for quick adjustments as the programs were underway. ​

An analysis of post-program survey data identified specific topics to provide additional details about through 1:1 conversations and small focus groups. Allowing feedback from leaders to drive the evolution of the program has led to meaningful enhancements to program content and logistics. This lens of continuous improvement remains a cornerstone of company’s and GP’s approach as they ensure content and delivery remain highly impactful to the learner.   ​

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