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High-Quality 3D Rendered Animation Assists Global Medical Research Organization with Clinical Trials

The work described in this case study was performed by LEO Learning prior to becoming part of GP Strategies.


A global clinical research organization embarked on a study for a new treatment and was in need of high-quality technical training for medical professionals and trial participants. LEO Learning stepped in to provide a complex 3D rendered animation in partnership with expert medical writers.

Investigating a new treatment for pulmonary fibrosis, this medical research organization needed engaging and clear educational content to inform doctors and other medical staff of exactly what the proposed new treatment was and how it works.

This content also needed to explain why this new lung disease treatment was different on a molecular level and why it was going into clinical trials. The content needed to be shown to a range of healthcare professionals, such as doctors and clinical trial managers.

The Mechanism of Disease and the Mechanism of Action of the treatment are highly complex and can only be fully explained at a detailed cellular level. The Mechanism of Disease defines the possible cause(s) of a particular disorder, infection, virus, or disease. The Mechanism of Action explains how the proposed new treatment works on a cellular level, so a high level of medical expertise, scientific expertise, and precision were required for the training content.

The content, therefore, needed to be explained visually and verbally, and needed specialist medical writing support and specialist illustration skills to create complex 3D organic models of cells. Training in this context is often delivered by field specialists, however, the organization lacked the understanding of training needed to effectively communicate the learning.


With the requirements for the training being so specific, LEO created a high-quality 3D rendered animation to clearly explain the Mechanism of Disease and Mechanism of Action. In order to ensure the content met scientific and medical standards, LEO brought in a specialist medical writer to ensure thorough and accurate annotation throughout the content.

The final product is over two minutes long and explains the intricacies of the cells being targeted, how the new treatment interacts with those cells, and what the long-term effects and benefits of the treatment are. Throughout the animation, appropriate sections are labeled with the appropriate scientific terms to further illustrate the way the treatment works.


The animation was used as part of a wider learning curriculum regarding the new treatment and was very well received by the organization and those involved in implementing the clinical trial. Working with medical specialists was vital to the production of this 3D render, which has helped the pharmaceutical organization successfully conduct phase 4 clinical trials for its new treatment of pulmonary fibrosis.

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