Learning Content Distribution and Centralization Solutions

Create a single source of truth for content across all learning platforms.

A Better Way to Manage Your Learning Ecosystem

When you’re dealing with various learning systems, ensuring content compatibility, management, and administration across your ecosystem and partners can be a time-consuming challenge. Tracking data in a meaningful manner adds to the complexity.

We have the tools to centralize and streamline your learning content, making it easy to share with all the systems and report back on learning data. That way, when you upload a course in a single location, it is immediately made available to every connected platform. Not only will you save time administering the courses, but you also get a consolidated usage report across all learners in every system.

Best in Class Solutions

As the eLearning technology experts, Rustici Software brings compatibility across all platforms to support SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, LTI, AICC, MP4 and PDF content, so it works well with all other tools in your ecosystem.

Content Distribution

Whether you build custom learning and training solutions or publish commercial off-the-shelf content, you invest a lot of time and energy into creating courses. You want to deliver that content in a way that is compatible with multiple systems, manageable for admins, and easily accessible for your learners. Rustici’s distribution solutions allow you to manage your training content from a single location and easily share access to your courses with third-party systems.

Extended Enterprise

Being able to provide training to learners outside of your organization (often referred to as extended enterprise) ensures your dealers, suppliers, resellers, partners, and customers are educated about your products and processes. To do this well, you’ll likely need to deliver training content through a system other than your internal learning management system (LMS). Rustici has a few software solutions that can help.

Content Centralization

If your organization has multiple LMSs, managing courses across those systems can be time-consuming and frustrating. Rustici’s solutions help you manage and distribute eLearning courses from one location. That way, when you update your content, it is immediately made available to every other connected platform. Not only do you cut down on time administering the courses, but you also get a consolidated usage report across all learners in every system.

Your Talent Transformation Partner

Centralize and streamline your learning content.