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Today’s trends often become tomorrow’s afterthoughts. Yet, timeless fundamentals remain about how businesses achieve and succeed – including the need to prepare your workforce to serve your customers. Strategies for learning and development are the cornerstone for workforce transformation and competitive success. We’ve been a pioneer and leader in global learning and development for over 50 years.

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The Perfect Blend: Learning and Technology at a Major Beverage Distributor

An American coffee and beverage leader planned to implement Planview Enterprise One functionality to help execute its corporate project financial and resource planning business processes.
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Business Impact
Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning

Designing and Delivering a Workforce of the Future Program for a Global Financial Services Company

A global financial services company is actively using automation to remove low-impact, repetitive tasks from the workforce.
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Business Impact
More vehicles sold per consultant
Increased audience reach from 58% to 80%

Re-envisioning Dealership Training by Enhancing the Trainer Certification Program

A major automotive brand with over 100 trainers that delivers more than 25,000 training sessions per year covering over 4,000 dealerships sought to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its trainers to help dealers with onboarding new hires and selling more vehicles.
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I feel as if I am working less, talking less, touching the vehicle less, and getting better results.


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Future Workplace: Viability of Virtual and Augmented Reality for Business and Learning Professionals

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have evolved over the past couple of years and have become more accessible for business and learning, both technologically and financially. VR and AR are two different ways of bending reality to demonstrate,

The New Learning Organization: Building a Virtual Training Practice

Now that working and learning virtually is continuing longer than originally expected, leaders need to develop a new virtual training strategy, one that extends beyond simple conversions and considers shifting the entire virtual strategy from a mode of surviving to

Episode #43 | Modern Learning Technologies: The Art of the Possible

Research shows that we make about 35,000 decisions every single day, from the pants you’ll wear to how you’ll word that email. Amidst the sea of decisions we have to make, having a ton of options makes the experience even

Immersive and Enhanced Learning

Tie the physical with the digital and engage learners in new ways with the cutting-edge of learning theory and technology.