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Learning Content Design and Development Solutions

Organizations flourish when learners thrive

To achieve ambitious goals, organizations must enable their people to perform at a high level. Yet, when operating in uncertain and increasingly complex markets, traditional approaches to learning won’t deliver the results you need.

As part of our comprehensive menu of learning transformation services, we deliver innovative ideas and approaches in three critical areas: content design, development and delivery. With one eye on today and the other on your content needs of tomorrow, our learner-centric approach turns your people into effective problem solvers at all levels of the organization.

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Our Solutions

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Learner-centric design and development

With more than 50 years of experience in organizational learning, GP Strategies designs, develops, and delivers custom blended curriculums, courseware, certification programs, and assessment criteria designed to support your learning objectives. Our mobile approach includes shifting from live events to more blended solutions, improving the effectiveness of eLearning, and integrating a more interactive and visual approach to content design and development.

Blending the best elements of ADDIE with the iterative elements of an agile approach, we help you design and implement learning systems that make learners the center of the learning experience. As a global leader in instructional design, we use the latest in learning theory, content development tools, and training modes to help create the change you need while accommodating local cultures and languages.

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Content delivery when, where and how you need it

As new learning technologies emerge, content delivery options become broader and more diverse. From single courses to multi-layered curriculums, our content delivery solutions include:

  • Facilitator and Instructor-Led Training
  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
  • On-the-Job Training Systems
  • Self-Paced, Web-Based Training
  • Instructional and Interactive Videos and Animations
  • Mobile Solutions (Training and Tools)
  • Coaching Reinforcement Systems
  • Social and Collaborative Learning Systems
  • Performer-Centric Learning Portals
  • Modern Learning Journeys
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented and Mixed Reality
  • Learning and Performance Support Chatbots
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Virtual learning

Remote working and learning has increased the need for virtual learning. At GP Strategies, we partner with you to create virtual training and events that deliver cost-effective, customizable, and scalable solutions mapped to your learning objectives.

VILT provided the first step in building virtual learning platforms. We take you beyond VILT with robust learning experience platforms and technologies that include spaced, micro, and social learning. These programs transform learning from a series of discrete learning events to holistic learning journeys that are engaging, collaborative and focused on the needs of individual learners.

Combining modern learning theory with customizable templates, we help you create engaging, high-impact virtual learning. Our agile development process delivers evidence-based learning that enables employees to take ownership of their learning by providing the tools and content they need to succeed on the job – no matter what it will look like in the future.

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Measurement and evaluation

To determine the efficacy of your virtual learning system, we help refine your process for measuring and evaluating success. Our robust evaluation and measurement system answers critical learning performance questions, including:

  • Is this learning solution promoting knowledge transfer?
  • Is this curriculum or program enabling positive business results?
  • What types of activities should an organization measure?
  • How frequently should they measure?

Your partner in learning transformation

Traditional learning is often conducted in a transactional manner. An instructor-led class here, a workshop there, some printed or digital support documents – all of which lead to one-off learning experiences that create a fragmented, disjointed learning process.

As a partner in your ongoing learning journey, we provide integrated learning solutions that align with and support your business objectives. Our content development and delivery solutions are an integral part of a holistic learning ecosystem wherein each component aligns with and supports the others to provide a consistent learning experience that enhances learning results.

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