Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

For organizations to realize their most significant competitive advantage and attract, retain, and grow the most qualified talent, leaders must foster a culture that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion and ensure it is respected, promoted, and maintained.  When employees feel supported and comfortable bringing their whole selves to work, it results in a more engaged, collaborative workforce and can contribute to more creative and innovative solutions.

GP Strategies® recently conducted global research to find out what skills leaders need to be successful today and what they anticipate needing in the future. The research showed that building and maintaining an inclusive mindset was one of four most critical mindsets for leaders. Leaders who responded to our research survey also acknowledged the need to recognize their own unconscious bias and to account for it proactively (19%) and to take actions to stop microaggressions or other biased behavior (15%).

Leaders need to push past the discomfort and listen, increase self-awareness and self-education, and have the hard conversations to foster a true culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

GP Strategies has the following programs to help support your DE&I initiatives:

Unconscious Bias: Learners will build critical self-awareness by uncovering potential bias blind spots, introduce a language to discuss inclusion, and provide practical, easy-to-apply tools that contribute to an inclusive culture through a 3-hour virtual course.

Addressing Microaggressions and Micro-inequities: Microaggressions and micro-inequities are products of bias, and like bias, we can be unconscious or conscious of each. These terms show how bias can move from just a thought or belief to a behavior that negatively impacts another person or makes them feel othered. In this 3-hour virtual program, learners develop the ability to address microaggressions and micro-inequities and learn how these experiences affect individuals personally and professionally.

Inclusion & Belonging: Inclusion & Belonging helps participants understand the value of an inclusive environment and cultivate it wherever they sit within the organization. They will also learn how to identify the value of inclusion for themselves, their team, and the organization. Learners achieve growth or behavior change through a 3-hour virtual course consisting of highly interactive activities, participant-led conversations that address challenges, and strategies strategy application.

Inclusive Talent Management: Recruiting and developing productive, inno­vative, quality-minded, multigenerational, multicultural, and diverse employees is far more complex than ever before. In this 3-hour virtual course, leaders will learn the tools and skills crucial to meeting the diversity and inclusion needs of the organization.

Allyship & Sponsorship: Allyship and sponsorship is a relationship between two people working together toward the shared goal of fairness, equity, and social justice. In this 3-hour virtual session, participants will learn tools to promote diversity and inclusion at your organization and to best partner with others to address inequality and achieve your shared goals.

Inclusive Leadership: This highly interactive, instructor-led experience focuses on the core skills our research has pointed to in order for leaders to exhibit an inclusive mindset. Through this experience, leaders and individuals move beyond surface-level conversations to authentic self-reflection in order to develop their skills in creating inclusive environments. Participants will also increase awareness of unconscious bias and use an empathetic approach to deal with it in themselves and others.

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