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New Strategies for Curating Learning Content

Content designed for today’s mobile learning technologies

Content curation is the first step in designing effective learning programs. Yet, many companies lack an effective content curation strategy that drives learning while generating a solid return on investment.  

A successful content curation strategy focuses on ruthless relevance across the learning experience. Although there may be good off-the-shelf content that can be curated, it is critical that we extend beyond the general to the highly applicable – enabling transfer.

Our unique approach to content curation combines the latest in learning technology and delivery to support mobile learning when and where you need it. When you don’t have the option of building your own content, our innovative content curation services position your organization to take learning results to a new level.

Content curation strategies that work.

Content curation tailored to your learning needs

GP Strategies can use our 5B process to optimize existing and available content while strategically building select assets and blending them together to create an effective learning experience. Some organizations only need one approach. Others can benefit from a blend of all five. Using our deep experience in content curation, we work closely with your team to determine the right mix of content curation methods to meet the needs of your learners and your budget.

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When you don’t have the time or resources to build content from scratch, borrowing can provide highly targeted content that addresses specific learning needs. In most cases, borrowed content has no cost other than the time to locate and download it.

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There are plenty of prebuilt learning programs available for sale. You can vet the content before you buy, but many learning program vendors require you to buy more than you need just to get what you want.

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In many companies, the expertise to create relevant learning assets lies within the organization. However, this approach requires the knowledge and tools to produce quality content.

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The biggest problem with organizational learning is delivering a low-quality learner experience. Bending pulls in content from all appropriate sources to create an engaging and seamless learning experience.

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Take the opportunity to rationalize your content. Prioritize and eliminate non-relevant content.

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The power of relevance

When employees don’t relate to curated content, they don’t learn. Using our unique “three layers of relevance” approach, we create curated learning journeys that impact the learning process and your business. These layers motivate employees to learn by:

  1. Providing content that defines the issue as it relates to your organization
  2. Showing how the content applies to each learner in his or her role
  3. Having learners apply the knowledge to a real issue they are currently trying to resolve

Context and relevance lay the foundation for curated content that drives effective learning. We make sure they become an integral part of your content curation strategy.

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Creating engaging learning journeys

Our proven content curation strategies focus on creating a relevant and meaningful learning experience for your workforce. By connecting the learning to the learners, we help you:

  • Clarify your content curation needs
  • Identify what types of content will best achieve your learning goals
  • Provide context that links content to business goals
  • Leverage technology to deliver content to the right people at the right time
  • Broker permissions and conversations between client and content owner
  • Assist you in implementing content curation technology
  • Provide evaluation tools to determine the efficacy of your content curation strategy

Most importantly, our content curation services span all aspects of the enterprise curation lifecycle. From establishing the framework for a curation model that aligns with your business goals to the development of role-based, topical knowledge that motivates learning, we’re with you every step of the way.

Create learner journeys that make learning stick. Contact us to get started.

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