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Training Employees for Globalization of Enterprises

November 30, 2012

In recent years, globalization of enterprises has accelerated rapidly, especially as new technology allows more visibility in emerging markets than ever before. Companies will need to develop learning strategy frameworks that teach all employees how to best handle the evolving and expanding market landscape.

Training Magazine recently suggested several methods employers can use to cultivate global mindsets among employees, stressing the importance of experiential training in the now widely international economy. According to the news provider, experts believe employers must find ways to seek out diverse innovations through employees to be truly successful in new markets.

The source said this can be accomplished through collaborative thinking development programs, as well as training in new technologies that act as platforms for new innovations. Finally, Training Magazine asserted that with the right types of experiential training and other development opportunities, companies will be more equipped to engage employees and clients in new markets.

Last month, Human Resources Executive Online said that globalization has led to several new challenges, especially in employee development. According to the news provider, employers should procure training portals that can engage both domestic and international workforces to ensure a consistent handle on conveyance of brands in distant lands.


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