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Coaching Programs for Diverse Workforces

Customized coaching for executive and front-line personnel

Global organizations need to train and develop three generations of workers, each with different attitudes and expectations about work. They also must contend with learning differences at the regional and local levels.

Drawing upon our broad experience across different industries, countries, and languages, we create customized leadership coaching strategies to develop coaching cultures that align with the specific needs of your international locations.

Coaching for sustained innovation and growth

Expert coaching transforms the way people work, learn, and develop. It also drives higher levels of engagement, retention, and performance, creating a competitive advantage that allows you to outpace competitors.

To optimize learning and development, our customized coaching programs address the specific needs of each individual or team based on their level within the organization and their coaching goals.

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Leadership Coaching

Leaders at all levels need to inspire commitment, achieve business results, and guide transformational change. Leadership coaching enhances interpersonal communication skills, increasing a leader’s capacity to lead high-performing teams, influence others, and engage external stakeholders.

To support a positive coaching culture, our one-on-one executive coaching programs instill the top four coaching behaviors your workforce wants and expects from its leaders:

  • Direct, candid, and honest communication
  • Clear performance objectives and milestones
  • Delivery on promises made
  • Recognition of employee contributions and achievements
  • Learn how the best leaders communicate
Learn how the best leaders communicate
  1. Everyday Coaching Conversations

    Effective managers know how to identify and create powerful coaching moments that instill permanent learning on a daily basis. This highly-experiential program supports a flexible, agile approach to coaching in the moment by embedding a culture of coaching into the everyday practices of your managers. By leveraging short (3 – 5 minutes), casual interactions with their people, managers reinforce the importance of and the need for ongoing learning to improve performance.

  2. Helping Others Succeed

    This modular program equips leaders at all levels to actively engage employees in individualized, high-performance, and career coaching. In the first two modules, leaders learn and practice fundamental assessment and coaching skills. Follow-on modules hone the experience even further in specialized coaching areas. Through it all, leaders learn the importance of helping others and creating an actionable plan for conducting coaching partnership discussions with direct reports.

Choosing the right coaching delivery partner

Global organizations need global coaching expertise. GP Strategies provides coaching to some of the largest organizations across six continents. Our extensive network of international coaching professionals includes some of the world’s leading coaches. In every coaching partnership, we provide the four pillars of coaching success:

  • Coach: Someone to talk with you about goals
  • Mentor: Someone to talk to
  • Sponsor: Someone to talk about you
  • Role model: Someone to talk with you about experiences

We also provide leadership coaching training for organizations that want to internalize the coaching process.

Organizations with a coaching culture create a highly engaged workforce and are more successful in achieving their goals.

Leadership Matters Newsletter

Written by leaders, for leaders, this quarterly newsletter contains insights into leadership best practices, emerging leadership trends, and advice you can put to use today to lead others to short- and long-term success.


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Insight & Innovation

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Executive Leadership Coaching Programs

Global organizations need to train and develop three generations of workers, each with different attitudes and expectations about work. They also must contend with learning differences at the regional and local levels. Drawing upon our broad experience across different industries,