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The Definitive Blended Learning Guide: Resources to Improve Your Approach 

Blended learning has been a popular strategy in L&D for a long time. The term gained popularity around 20 years ago, and since then has become synonymous with multi-channel learning journeys and projects in the workplace. This blended learning guide is here to help you get to grips with it—from the very basics to detailed design and blended model techniques. Take a look through our curated list of blended learning resources below, which includes useful articles, ebooks, webinar recordings, and research. 

We’ll keep adding to this guide as we find and create new blended learning resources, so be sure to check back often! 

Blended is a vital part of many L&D strategies. As with many areas of learning, the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the way we thought about learning blends. Traditionally considered a combination of in-person and online learning, it’s now widely accepted that blended is in fact learning that takes place through a variety of mediums. And sometimes, like when the majority of your workforce is working remotely, all of these elements will be conducted virtually. 

As a blended learning strategy encompasses so many aspects of learning and can include so many modes of teaching, we’ve included some additional related resources at the bottom of this guide covering things like learning games and virtual workshops. For more information on virtual learning in particular, please see our Virtual Learning Definitive Guide

Blended Learning Basics 

Whether you’re just starting your journey or you want to get to know it a little better, these blended learning resources will help you to understand and articulate the key benefits of a blend, why we recommend it, and what other L&D professionals have to say. 

Blended Learning Design & Content 

Now that you’ve gotten to grips with the basics of a blended learning program, it’s time to start your journey. These resources are here to help you think more critically and strategically about how you design your blended learning journeys. Designing content for a blended approach can be a complicated process, but with enough information behind you, there’s so much potential. 

Here, we have everything from blog posts to webinars, and even a couple of case studies so you can get a taste of the blended learning resources and content we’ve created for our customers over the years. 

Blended Learning Strategy 

In this section, we’re talking blended learning models and technology as part of your strategy to help you ensure that you’re using the right tools in the right way to optimize engagement. Your strategy will help you get all the components in place to make the most of your design. These resources focus on models, behavior change, and technology for blended learning. 

Additional Blended Learning Resources & Research 

A few extra bits from us on related topics and some of our favorite articles and books we’ve found during our own research. 

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Andrew leads the strategy and consulting faculty in the Learning Experience team, which is at the frontline of delivering creative, innovative and effective learning solutions. He focuses on his personal passion: how technology-enabled learning experiences and communication blends can transform behaviors and performance in the workplace. Andrew has a passion for exploring how new modes and strategies for learning and connection can make a real difference to people, teams, and global organizations.

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