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Accomplish Your Digital Resolutions in 2018

What digital resolutions are you hoping to accomplish in 2018? We recently asked learning leaders what was at the top of their list and followed up on each one with a blog post offering actionable advice on how to achieve each of them in the New Year.

Below is the full list of resolutions and links to insights on how to accomplish them:

Create more robust training videos.
Blog | Using Interactive Video to Enhance the Employee Experience

Have a better understanding of my learner’s needs.
Blog | Reach Your Learners through Data to Better Understand Their Needs

Offer learning content on mobile devices.
Blog | Optimize Your Training for Mobile Devices and Increase Productivity

Connect more with my workforce.
Blog | People Before (and Behind) Data: Forge meaningful connections with the people behind the data

Have better work life balance in a digital world.
Blog | Finding Work-Life Balance in a Digitally Connected World

Foster new immersive experiences for our learners.
Blog | “Back to Basics” as a Guide to the Right Immersive Experiences

Develop an Innovation Center within my organization.
Blog | Harness the Power of Disruption with Innovation Centers

Identify and communicate goals more effectively.
Blog | Time to Get Clear on Your Goals

Support the needs of my multi-generational workforce.
Blog | What’s Your Secret Weapon for Supporting Multi-generational Needs in a Digital World?

Don’t see your resolutions listed above? Let us know what your goals are for 2018 and we will address them in future blog posts!

About the Authors

Kayla Ratz
Kayla Ratz is the Digital Marketing Manager for GP Strategies and the editor of the GP Strategies Blog. Her focus is on sharing thought leadership and insights across digital mediums, and through collaboration efforts, to support performance improvement and enable knowledge sharing in the Learning Industry.

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